Be a twitter celebrity


Tweet like a famous blogger. Twitter is a micro-blogging tool; it’s basically blogging in 140 characters or less in each Tweet. Generally, the same guidelines for being a good blogger apply for being a good Tweeter.[2] You can’t expect a blog with only three posts on random topics to attract many subscribers, can you ?

  • Choose your topic. If you want to be famous on Twitter, don’t take their question (“What are you doing right now?”) literally. It’s more like: “What are you doing or thinking right now that’ll be interesting to a certain group of people?” The theme should be specific enough that people know what to expect, but not so narrow that only 50 people would be interested in it. Start with only one to two primary topics or “tags”. Then expand as your Following grows.
  • Find the man bites dog story. Read news feeds voraciously for a nugget you can spin into a good tweet. Guy Kawasaki, who has over 100,000 followers, goes as far as paying employees to find buzzworthy stories for him to tweet.[3] Mix up informative Tweets with entertaining Tweets.
  • Be interesting, transparent and provocative. Share intimate news about your life. If you can spin a good story, you might get readers addicted to the daily dramas of your everyday life.
  • Network. Good bloggers link to other blogs. Good Tweeters re tweet other Tweeters. Search Twitter for keywords related to your topic. When you find an interesting one, hit “Reply” and add “RT” or “Re tweet:” to the beginning, and post it. Not only are you forming connections with other Twitter users, but you’re also bringing good content to your followers.

. Once you’ve got your quality established, focus on quantity. Take the same approach that spammers do. In order to avoid          actually looking like a spammer, though, make sure there’s never more than a 200 or 300 gap between who you’re following and who’s following you. This can be handled automatically by various services. Try to keep your followings’ number lower than your followers’ one-that’s what real celebrities do.

    • HOWEVER, do NOT follow 400 people at once. They will report you as a spammer and Twitter will suspend your account. Just follow maybe 100-200 at a time, then let them follow you back. Once you have a good amount of followers, unfollow the ones you followed and follow a new group of 100.
  1. Keep your followers coming back for more. There are some basic dos and don’ts that will keep your followers list from shrinking. Use a service that notifies you whenever you’re unfollowed. Examine your last few tweets – what did you write that could’ve turned them off? Keep the following bits of advice in mind:
    • Do not use services that allow you to auto DM. Auto DMs frequently cost you followers. Some people get their DMs on their cell phones, and an auto DM can be an annoying reason to have to check your phone, not to mention the cost that might be involved in receiving it.
    • Do not radically change the content on Twitter after you’ve already established a twitter presence. People like consistency and followed you for a reason.
  2. Ask questions. One of the best ways to engage your followers and spark a dialogue is to ask questions. Keep the following tips and tricks in mind:[4]
    • Acknowledge answers. If you can’t respond to each answer individually because there are too many, at least send out a general thanks.
    • Stick around to listen. Don’t ask a question right before leaving your computer. If people respond, you want to be able to respond to them as quickly as possible, while they’re at their computers.
    • Repeat your question several times throughout the day so you get in touch with different timezones and schedules. Make sure one of the times is “prime time” when most people are online (usually weekday mornings).
    • Ask your followers to retweet your question.
  3. Tweet often, but not too often. Every time you post an update, it shows up in the public timeline, exposing your profile to people who don’t know you yet. At the same time, tweeting too frequently can annoy your existing followers and make it difficult for them to respond. Stick to one topic at a time and leave some time in between updates for people to respond.[5]
  4. Use a Twitter client. A client can help sort the updates that you see by user, keywords, etc. For example, you might be following people all over your country, but you can create a list of users in your city, and use a client to see only their updates to get a glimpse of what’s going on in your area.
  5. Be funny. Twitter users are more likely to get more followers if they post funny stories, jokes and clever opinions. Self-sarcasm is very catchy, too.
  6. Gather followers from other social networks. Use Facebook, Myspace, YouTube etc. and ask your friends there to follow you on Twitter.
  7. Participate. See what’s going on between your followers and take part in their conversation. Use many hash tags and follow the trends.

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