How make Facebook page popular

I’m giving you an idea, which will help you to spread your pages of Facebook  and you’ll gain lots of fans on your Facebook page when time will progress. So here is the steps.

1) First of all, start adding friends to your Facebook account. Don’t look behind to whom you are adding as friend. Just keep adding. If you are not interested to adding friends, then take help from other who has already lots of fans.Image


2) After creating your page, send random invitation to your friends. Consider this is an initial invitation. Some will become your fan, some will not.

3) Wait for a week. You’ll find that you have few fans at your page. Now send the invitation again, this time which are not became fan. And wait another 7 days.

4) Keep sending invitation for only 1 months, and only once for 7 days. This way you’ll get a handsome amount of fans on your page. And now you don’t need to do anything. Cause the friends of your fans will become your page’s fan when they will see your page name into his/her home page.

Isn’t that easy steps? Or you have any better ideas to make a Facebook page popular??




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